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Dental Services for Dogs,

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Did you know that keeping up with the dental care of your pet is just as important as it is for a human? Just like people, dogs, cats, and other pets can experience everything from oral cancers to gum disease and tooth decay. Just like a regular dentist, a trained veterinarian can do cleaning, tooth extraction, repairs, adjustments, and run tests to diagnose strange symptoms. If your pet is exhibiting strange oral symptoms or you just need a quick checkup, give the team at Ellison Drive Animal Hospital a call! We can be reached via the number below, and would be happy to answer any questions you have related to the health of your pet!

Symptoms of Potential Dental
Problems in Pets

Just like people, your pet will likely show symptoms if something is not quite right in their mouths. 

Things to be on the lookout for include bad breath, refusal to eat, signs of pain in the mouth, dropping food/excessive drooling, missing teeth, bad breath, bleeding in the mouth, abnormal swelling in the mouth, discolored teeth and any other sign that something may be wrong. 
It is important to keep in mind that while you may understand you need to check your pet’s mouth at the first sign of trouble, they may not understand that and can act unpredictably (even biting) if you begin poking around areas in pain. This is also why it is important to bring your pet to a veterinarian who is experienced in working with animal dental issues and knows what to look for. 

Looking for Dental Preventives? We Have Them!

01 OraVet Dental Chews

OraVet knows that at-home dental care is an important part of any pet’s well-being. Because poor dental health can lead to serious health conditions, preventative care is an important step in keeping pets happy and healthy. That’s why OraVet makes it easy to take care of their basic dental needs, with products that actually prevent the formation of harmful bacteria, which is what leads to plaque and tartar buildup. Ask your Veterinarian today if this is the best product for your pet!

02 Dental Food

Dental care for your pet may be more important than you think. The accumulation of bacteria laden plaque above the gum-line can lead to long term oral health issues. Recent studies have demonstrated there is an association between oral health issues and systemic general health issues affecting the kidney, heart and metabolic systems. We offer Royal Canin & Hill’s. Ask your Veterinarian today which food is best for your pet!

03 Oral Rinse

Dentahex provides the routine home dental care your pup needs. This oral hygiene rinse is palatable and highly effective in reducing plaque and freshening breath in both dogs and cats. The unique formulation provides anti-plaque and anti-calculus properties, thus aiding in the prevention of tooth and gum disease. It contains Chlorhexidine 0.12% with Zinc. Ask your Veterinarian today if this is the best product for your pet!

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If you need to bring your pet to the vet for dental work, give the team at Ellison Drive Animal Hospital and Potranco Veterinary Clinic a call! We have two convenient locations in San Antonio, and provide service to pets throughout the surrounding areas. You can also feel free to give us a call at the number listed below with any questions you might have, and one of our dedicated staff will be happy to help answer them!