$20/ Day Doggy Daycare (All Sizes)

Trained &
Trusted Pet Boarding

San Antonio, TX

The caring team members at Ellison Drive Animal Hospital and Potranco Veterinary Clinic are more than happy to look after your pet while you head away on that exciting vacation, important business trip or are unable to be at home for some other reason. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and happy atmosphere for your pets, so they are stress-free while you’re away. 
Also, if your pet has any special care requirements, we’re happy to accommodate their needs. To inquire further about our pet boarding and pet grooming facility, please call

Pet Boarding That Keeps Your Pets Happy &
Healthy While You're on Vacation!

We understand your love for your pets and their love for you! It can be tough for them to be in an unfamiliar environment without you, but we offer a spacious suite with a staff that’s specially trained to handle even the most timid of pets. 
When your pet stays with us, they have the option of high quality prescription food to help with stress, are walked multiple times a day and have toys to play with during the day. We care for your pet as if he or she were our own! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have about our pet boarding service.

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital & Potranco Veterinary Clinic
Offers Top-Notch Pet Boarding Services!

For our pet boarding service we charge on a per day basis, depending on the size of your furry friend. Below are the fees for dogs and cats, but we also do boarding for pocket pets and birds.
Contact us today for further information on our prices or to schedule your pet’s stay with us!

Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting -
Which is better?

When you and your family take trips, sometimes it is impossible to bring your pet along. When this is going to be the case, it is important to set up arrangements for your dog or cat to be taken care of by a professional, so that they get enough food and exercise when you are away. When circumstances like this come up, owners will typically either choose to hire a pet sitter (whether it be a friend, relative, or professional) or turn to a place that offers pet boarding.

Pet Sitting

When you hire a pet sitter (assuming they are not family or a close friend), they will usually charge upwards of $10 per home visit. If you have a dog that needs to be let out multiple times per day, or a cat who loves to chow through food, this can quickly add up. Hiring a pet sitter that is unrelated to you can also be problematic if your pet is not comfortable around strangers. Cats can hide and not come out while dogs can become aggressive or non-compliant. On top of this, many people may not feel comfortable letting a stranger have free reign of their home for extended periods of times.

Pet Boarding

Boarding your pet is typically cheaper, more commonly chosen by pet owners, and offers many of the same benefits as hiring a sitter. At Ellison Drive Animal Hospital and Potranco Veterinary Clinic, your pet will get plenty of exercise, have toys to play with, and even have access to high quality food to help ease stress. Our team have not only spent years helping virtually every species of domesticated pet, but are also specially trained to be able to work with even the most timid pets. We strive to provide the highest quality pet boarding experience possible, which has earned us a reputation for being one of the most trusted boarding locations in the San Antonio area. We provide dog boarding, cat boarding, and even work with pocket pets and birds!

We Work with Cats, Dogs, Birds & More!

We Work with Cats, Dogs, Birds & More!

Regardless of what type of animal you have as a pet, if you are going to be leaving for an extended period of time, don’t leave them home alone. Dogs, cats, and even birds know when you are away and, just like people, will get lonely if they are left alone for too long. Ellison Drive Animal Hospital provides a loving environment to board your pet if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. We work with almost any type of pet, and make their comfort our number one priority when they are left in our care.


Dog Boarding

If it’s impossible for you to bring your dog with you on your travels, you will need to make sure that he/she is cared for while you are away. Dogs are our best friends for a reason, and will often become lonely and even depressed if their owners are gone for extended periods of time. If you choose to board your dog at Ellison Drive Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that they will be comfortable, cared for, and never lonely!
dogs in one of our boarding areas


Cat Boarding

While cats may sometimes seem like they are more interested in doing their own thing, they do notice when you leave and need to be looked after just like any other animal. In fact, many cats will remember if you leave them alone for long periods of time, and it may even negatively effect their behavior. We provide top of the line feline boarding services, with toys for playing, castles for climbing, and much more!
pet boarding in San Antonio


Dog boarding:
Pets are walked multiple times a day. We feed our prescription diet I/D so it’s safe and easy on pets stomach dealing with a new environment and new food. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and treats as well. 
We have designated staff just to care for your pet while they are here. 
All pets are given fresh bedding each day.             
We offer extra-large kennels and runs to accommodate extra space for your loved one. (This is not an extra charge)
If you are going to be away from home for a lengthy period of time, don’t leave your animals alone. Stop by one of our two San Antonio locations to take a look around, or give us a call to schedule an appointment!

3 Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Pet boarding can be a traumatic experience for your furry friend and, while we do everything we can to make their stay with us comfortable, there are a few things you can do to help make it easier as well!


Bring your dog to meet us!
If you are planning your trip long in advance, you can bring your dog to meet our staff and get to know us! While they will undoubtedly still be sad you are gone, they may be a little bit more comfortable having familiar faces around them during their stay.
Let us know of any special needs
If you dog has any special needs or unusual behaviors, let our staff know so that we can be prepared for them and able to respond in a stress-reducing way if they crop up. Our goal is to make your pets boarding experience as easy as possible, and the more additional information you can provide to help us accomplish that the better!
Low-stress drop off
When you come to drop off your pet, it can be emotional and difficult. However, it is important to maintain an air of normality and low-stress. Dogs can sense when something is wrong, and high-stress drop offs will make it more difficult for them than it will already be!

About Ellison Drive Animal Hospital & Potranco Veterinary Clinic

Ellison Drive Animal Hospital has been providing animals in the San Antonio are with premier boarding services for over 10 years. We have two locations in San Antonio for maximum convenience, and our caring staff are comprised of incredibly passionate and talented people. When you bring your pet to one of our boarding locations, you can rest assured that they are in the hands of a team who will treat them with the same level of love and respect as they would their own pet. For over two decades, or mission has been to ensure that pets are happy and healthy, whether that be during their visits to our vet or when they are boarding with us. If you are in the San Antonio area and need to board your pet, give us a call! You can also read more about each of our locations below and contact each individually.

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