Community Initiatives

Meet Jaime and Hazel

We just entered an exciting new partnership with Methodist Hospital through Wags over Texas where we are providing ongoing, all inclusive treatment for two special child therapy dogs, Jaime (Male, On the left) and Hazel (Female, On the right). Jaime and Hazel, both Golden Retrievers,  are a huge part of the treatment that takes place in the Children’s Hospital as they comfort, play, and bond with ill children in each of their visits, lightening their mood, and providing them with affection and ease.
Our team is very committed to our partnership with Methodist Hospital and we deploy a team of employees each month to participate in an event for the ill patients. In September, we did arts and crafts, followed by a Trick-or-Treat event and parade in October, and wrapping up with our latest Christmas Ornament Decorating event. See more below.

Here Is How You Can Help

Every $10 donation allows the creation of a replica stuffed animal of Jaime and Hazel. These stuffed animals are then distributed to the ill children, providing them comfort and ease in times of need where Jaime and Hazel cannot be present.